Finding the Perfect Dining Room Table

This is an important decision. This is where your family and friends will gather to break bread and share your lives. Do you ever notice that people often congregate in the kitchen during a party? Its where the food is! Dining room table furniture comes in many shapes and styles so you should be able to find one that matches your style and lifestyle.

The first thing you need to do is look at your space. How big it is? Measure it. You want to get a table that fits the space; it shouldnt be too big or too small. You can get a table that expands and contracts so it will always be the size you need for the number of people you will be entertaining.

Think about your lifestyle. Do you entertain a lot? Do you have children? If you plan to use it as a place for your kids to do crafts and other activities, the material should be more durable than if you will only use it for dining.

Pick a shape to match your style and lifestyle. Most people go with a rectangular table. They offer flexibility in terms of size (many come with leaves that can be added). If your room is more of a square shape, a square table might make more sense. Round and oval tables work great in smaller spaces.