Just How Big is a “Family” Home?

In one offshoot of the environmental movement, followers seek to create the smallest possible ecological footprint, seeking to live in homes no more than 100 square feet for an entire family. Seen in the context of the way the average American kitchen home has grown from a mere 1,000 square feet 30 years ago to more than 2,400 square feet in the year 2010 (even as the average family has shrunk by 30%), it does make some sense to downsize.

Fortunately, a trend towards reasonable home sizes is beginning to become apparent. In the year 2014, the size of the average home shrank by about 15%. Architects expect the trend to persist.

Smaller homes are a healthy trend

Smaller homes attract lower mortgage payments, lower insurance, lower taxes and lower utility bills. You also save money in decorating and maintenance expenses. Buying too small a house isn’t a good idea, though. If you can never have enough room for a home office or for personal space, it will tell on your productivity.

How do you find just the right size?

The mistake that most people make estimating the size they need their home to be is to think no further than the number of family members they have at the moment, and to think of needs no greater. It’s important to think long. People tend to change and develop new interests. A home needs enough space to accommodate the expanding needs of the family.

It’s important to consider hobbies, lifestyle needs, and future plans such as a home business. You’ll need a separate room for someone who practices on the piano, or perhaps starts a band. A large garage can accommodate not only extra cars as they are acquired in the future, they can be a good idea for a home business or for extra storage space.

One of the best ways possible of arriving at a decent estimate can be to look at your current home and think of what you would want to add to it or subtract from it.

What works for most people?

Whatever home size you actually need, it’s important to consider what the market can support, as well. While you might be very happy in a very large house or even a very small one, it makes sense to consider what home sizes are most popular. When you’re ready to move on, you don’t want to find that the home you have is a size no one is interested in. Today, according to Carpenter Realtors, Carmel, IN, most homes for sale  come on the market at around 1,500 square feet. Buying a home not much larger or smaller can make for an easier sale.

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