Top Tips to Pick Your Custom Closet Company

Some people think the most important aspect of a house isnt the number of bedrooms but the number and size of closets. Is it ever possible to have enough closet space? If you want to really customize your home, consider talking to custom storage experts to design closets that meet your specific needs.

Here are some tips:

Check out their past work. If they have a showroom (a bit plus), pay it a visit and see what their aesthetic is like.

Ask about their experience. Any warranty has more credibility if the company has been around a while. Ask about their designers, do they have design backgrounds? They should.

Get a Guarantee. All reputable companies guarantee their work.

Whats their reputation like? Look on Facebook, check Yelp, see if you can talk to past and current customers.

Be picky about materials. Make sure they explain the differences and pros and cons of all the materials (and hardware) they sell.

Ask where their stuff is built. Do they do it in-house? This will give you more options to really customize your units. Try to go with a company that does the installation themselves as well. They are more accountable than companies that farm that out.

Make sure they are licensed, insured and bonded. If they say they arent, go someplace else.

Doing all the research before you have your closets made will make all the difference later.