Why Air Filters Matter

You invest time and money choosing the right heating and cooling system installed in your home or office, but is it functioning at its best? Using manufacturer recommended replacement filters allows users to have the highest quality air filtration available. In addition to using the correct air filter, routine filter maintenance should also be observed. In most cases, due to the accumulation of dust and fine particles, high quality air filters should be changed every 30 days, unless otherwise advised by your HVAC technician.

An easy way of remembering to change air filters is to change it on the same date; usually when paying a home’s rent or mortgage payment. This way, consistency is observed and users can inspect the accumulation of dust and other fine particles. If the amount is abnormally higher or lower than usual, an appointment for an air conditioning service can be scheduled to see if a unit is functioning at proper levels.

It is also a good idea to purchase multiple air filters at one time. Buying a year’s worth of air filters means you will always have a replacement and the recommended rotation schedule can be completed on time. Finally, bulk purchases may sometimes offer extra incentives such as special pricing per unit and lower per-item shipping costs. If owning a newer unit, a multi-year purchase may save money long-term while providing homeowners with higher quality air filters.